50 Shades Review

The 50 Shades controversial trilogy has been getting mainstream exposure for having tantalizing and overtly sexually explicit scenes, which is getting many a housewife’s underpants soaking with lust and want for an exciting and dangerous romance, that cannot be experienced in the real world. The story begins with the female protagonist Anastasia Steele (which strongly sounds like a porn star’s name), who is close to completing her final year of university. Upon doing a favour for her best friend and roommate, she meets the calm, collected and sexy Christian Grey, CEO of Grey Enterprise. She is instantly attracted to him and little does she know he wants her too. After a few encounters with awkward and witty dialogue, Mr. Grey approaches Ana with a preposition to be her Dominant. She of course reacted like most people would; shocked and appalled. However, her desire for the hot CEO was too strong and she gives into temptation.

            For me, the story was enjoyable. The books played on a “Beauty and the Beast” kind of story, with lots of sex thrown in between. A LOT OF SEX! In fact, by the second book, I was getting tired of all the sex. Not only did it happen so frequently, which is probably unrealistic for most couples, it had unrealistic sexual expectations. C’mon Anastasia Steele, you can’t cum EVERY time you guys do the nasty.
I simply don’t believe it.
            Well for a minute let’s take the sex out of the story. If that’s the case, the story becomes a bit drab. The characters are not very complex, despite the author’s seemingly hard effort to make Christian Grey complex and mysterious. The storyline is mildly predictable, with a perfect ending in the third book, 50 Shades Freed. It’s also a very Cinderella story; average Anastasia being thrust into the public eye and having the best money could buy. It’s every girl’s fantasy; being desired by a super rich guy, having everything you want, and living happily ever after. Though it sounds much more fantasy than reality, this component is why the book is doing so well. Women, young or older want to feed into the fantasy life they will never have. (It’s like men and their video games.) And hey, many married women are getting some ideas from the book. They are bringing bondage and sex toys into the bedroom, hoping to spice up their sex lives, obviously making many husbands happier.
            Many celebs such as Miley Cyrus and Ian Somerhalder have also read the books, giving nothing but praise. In fact Somerhalder has expressed his love for Christian Grey and said he would definitely want to play his character if he was offered the part. As much as I adore him playing Damon on The Vampire Diaries, I think a new fresh face should be introduced as Christian Grey. If I had to choose a mainstream actor, I think Chris Hemsworth a.k.a Thor would suit nicely. Just picture him with short hair!!! Oh so yummy!!
            Of course when there are lovers, there are haters, and the 50 shades books have been subject to ridicule, mostly for the awfully simplistic writing. There is a Tublr dedicated to how awful the book is by commenting on cited passages. This is reminiscent of the criticism given to the Twilight books. And as we know Twilight is a cultural phenomenon, whether we like it or not. 50 Shades has the potential to have greater success if it becomes a movie, however since it doesn’t really cater to teens, it loses a chunk of fan base.
            Overall the 50 Shades Trilogy is for the deeply romantic. If that’s not you, don’t read it. You’ll be greatly disappointed. But if you like the idea of dangerous and forbidden love, with lots of sex, this book is definitely for you.

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