Lady Gaga Makes Her Debut As An Actress


Production has begun for the sequel to the movie Machette, which was released in 2010. In this continuation, the U.S. government hires Machete Cortez to capture an arms dealer, no doubt resulting in blood, war, and somehow Machete getting laid. The director Robert Rodrigues has completed the casting list and was very excited to be working on this new movie titled Machette Kills.

This is fantastic news, but rather what is more thrilling was who Mr. Rodrigues recently casted.  It was none other than the head Ms. Monster herself, Lady Gaga.  She takes the role of La Chameleon in this upcoming action packed movie. Rodrigues recently tweeted, “I just finished working with @LadyGaga on @MachetteKills she killed ass, so much ass! Holay smokes, blow away” with the header photo of this article attached to his tweet.  When reading it I first thought she was to make an appearance for a short part of the film, maybe a stand in with a few short words and a couple of scenes. But as we go forward is seems as if Lady Gaga is merely more than a stand in, but rather playing a main role in the movie.

Lady Gaga who has taken the music industry to such great lengths shows interest in becoming an actress as she confirms through various sources and Twitter as well how excited she is to be making her debut as an actress in the film. She will be joining an amazing casting list with a few names such as Sophia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen who is rumored to play the role as the President of America.

How she does is I’m not sure, but to see Lady Gaga on the big screen is rather big news to me. In hopes of not only such a great movie, but to see Gaga working with talented people who have already learned the skills there is to know. Gaga will be able to get great help and tips from this cast and crew. I can’t wait to see just how amazing Gaga can be as she conquers another goal of hers, for the upcoming film Machette Kills, which is to be released sometime next year.

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