Style Shapes

Novel by Randolph Duke called “The Look…A Guides to Dressing from the Inside Out” Right away just peering into the first chapter 2 fell upon the two pages called “Style Icons” (Chapter 3 was even more important, okay the whole book was rather just amazing). But once reading about the 5 body figures many women have. Linear figured, The Hourglass, Middle Figured, Lower Figured & Upper figured. I knew it was a must share for woman who just question their body shape.

Linear figured women are usually women who appear more athletic or more thin; smaller bust, narrow hips. It’s not to poke fun, but many women who have a linear figure actually have very few curves and a rather from the top of her bust to her hip, it’s rather straight. Duke says, ‘Bust, waist, and hip dimension are all measure about the same.” Examples of celebrities, Teri Hatcher & Nicole Kidman.
The hourglass, they say if you have a body like this, or are able to main a body shape like this, many people WANT it. It’s a rather hard shape to maintain therefore, is the sexiest. Fashion is a breeze for her appearance can we well changed. Duke says, “For the hourglass women, bust, shoulders & hips/ shoulder & hips are noticeably broader then women’s waist line. If the waist of a woman is slightly smaller she could be a more linear shape.” Examples of a celebrity, Hallie Berry.
Middle figured women may be slightly ‘heavy’, but their middle* curve to their body holds this master piece together. This figure can be considered someone who is a full-bodied woman with a heavy waist, a heavy top or both; mainly has a large bust& hips but again a defining middle curve, as Duke, continues a perfect celebrities is Queen Latifah!
Lower figured women, well you got the big hips & the thick legs. Many men define over the thickness over a woman’s thighs & hips! Mainly women who are considered lower figured, tend to have bigger waists and smaller busts and her lower body may be considerably wider compared to her upper body.  Many stylists call this the “pear shape” but Duke declines that label, in fact he “loathes” it for no woman should be compared to a fruit.   Example of a celebrity could be someone like Amber Rose or Jennifer Lopez.
Finally, Upper Figured. Can you guess it? Board shoulders and an average chest women are considered to be upper figured. Sometimes because you have so much going on, your waist loses out, a bit smaller but with some hips to keep this beauty staying ‘mint’. The shoulders are the main focus not the arms, but the shoulders & the bust that gently allows the focus of her body to be displayed. Duke says, examples are people like Dolly Parton & Angelina Jolie.

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