Ponies vs. Chunkies

Whether its a pair of two inch mini’s or a full 6 inch stilleto, everyones got them in their closet, even if we dont want them to be. Newly recognized into the fashion game are the Pony Heels. They are architectured into its own form of uniqueness, in different heights and fashions. No matter what your style is there is, whether it be more subtle or bold, there is definitely a pony heel for you out there so don’t worry! Every big star and fashionista who have the big bucks own a pair. Although ponies (yes that’s what im calling them) are high rise in Hollywood, they have competition. Leading back into Retro fashion, they compete against the oddly appealing chunky heels. Just as the ponies come in many different forms and heights, chunkies come in every colour, texture, and pattern that suits every person’s wardrobes. Both are big in Hollywood and the parties you attend! The actual question is, which do you like better?

Ponies vs. Chunkies


Although its unclear who has invented Pony Heels they have been majorly noticed first by the one and only meat-dress wearing Lady Gaga! She wore these sculptures in many events and scenes. Between interviews, videos and out on the town, she wears them as apart of her everyday wardrobe. Her famously known Italian shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, might have a little to do with this. Later these shoes were further glamorized by celeb Keyshia Cole, using the highly glamorized ponies in her video ft. Lil Wayne “Enough No Love”. These hot heels look like they’re winning!


Chunky heels, highly known as thick heeled shoes, have also made a turn in the fashion world! These retro-fabulous shoes go with anything and have been trending since earlier this year. The chunky heels are inspired by the thick heels fashioned backed into the 70’s. History really does repeat itself! Many celebs have been seen wearing these chunky buddies, from Katy Perry to Lindsay Lohan! Celebrities wear these for simple everyday activities or red carpet appearances. With so many different styles and heights, it can be fit for any occasion. Plus, they are much more affordable to put in our closets!

What pair would you choose to redeem your closet? The amazing Retro Chunkies or the bold and glamourous Ponies?

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