Hit or Miss? – Coloured Mascara

Runway has been its it’s only stage for quite sometime now, but it is offical and coloured mascara is making a come back and trending at large! Is this a hit or miss?

Runway use to be the only major form of creativity, but looking out onto the streets of your city, you can now witness this highly fashion trend of colourful bold mascaras, that are different from the commonly used dark black. It was really only a matter of time that this style would come off the runways into everyday fashion. This dramatic effect stood out on models’ faces was immediately noticed.

As fall fashion emerges, the runway shows have come and gone. Many makeup artists and hair stylists have been able to shed some light through before the Spring 2013 shows come up. Art is always being taken to different level. This style allows people to be more creative with their look, but we wonder if this is a hit or miss. Coloured eyelashes are trending really fast. Now it seems that eye shadows have been placed on the back burner, and now we can express our personalities by enhancing our eyelashes with coloured mascara.

Mascara creators like YSL, DIOR, Anna Sui & MAC have all come out with coloured mascaras. Recently launched, were a whole line from Mabelline New York in regards to coloured mascara. They wasted absoultely no time when it came to keeping up with the trends, and they are promoting that this will be on shelves for a limited time. Will Cover Girl join the trends or let it pass by?

What do you think ladies? Hit or Miss?

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