New Castings On Our Favorite TV Shows

It’s been revealed that some of our top fashion icons are joining our favorite hit TV shows!

Katie Holmes! This woman is always the shining light for her audience’s eyes due to reasons such as, personal life, appearances, her fashion line and style that no women can match. Holmes never lets her fans down and after her recent divorce from Tom Cruise she didn’t let that stop her from working. Recently, she was seen on set filming for one of the upcoming episodes for Project Runway, where she will be on the judge’s panel. It was only a matter of time before Katie Holmes would be on this designer show and what I call a fashionista’s ball court. As Holmes has her own sense of creativity and warmth to her, she is always flawless at what she does, and fashion seems to come effortlessly for her. Don’t forget to watch this upcoming season for Holmes on our TV screens; it’s been awhile since her last appearance as the first lady (Jackie Kenndy) in the series “The Kenndys.” No confirmation on airing date.

The casting calls for Glee have begun and will be continuing until next April 2013 for stand-ins, extras, casts and more. They are held usually in New York and Los Angeles. But it seems there have been more than a few already casted for parts on the show. It is confirmed that Sarah Jessica Parker will be making a guest star appearance on this upcoming season. Yes, the fashionable woman Ms. Parker, one of the lead roles from the “Sex & The City” franchise known as Carrie Bradshaw. Will she have a singing number on the show? Regardless, she’s an icon, who wouldn’t want to watch her?

Along side Ms. Parker is another star, Jennifer Hudson, who is looking to help kick off this year’s season of glee. Hudson, with her amazing voice and skills will have the first few episodes off with a BANG! Season 4 of Glee is to be aired Thursday September 13th at 9:00 p.m.

Its mean girls all over again girls so hide your lunch boxes and look fashionable. For the final season of one of the top rated shows on television, Gossip Girl will have without a doubt a firework ending. With so many rumors and polls and fan discussions, only the cast knows the true ending of S & B’s friendship. However, B may have a little more to worry about as another fashion trend setter, Alexa Chung, British model and TV host, is confirmed to be on the show. What’s not confirmed is her character and if she’s filming for the entire season. Is this a new rival for B or a new best friend? I look forward to seeing what role she plays for season six, which will be aired on Monday October 8th at 8:00 p.m .

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