Robert Pattinson Agrees To Interview Since Scandal

No one really knows, in his own words how Rob feels since the scandal broke loose on Kristen Stewart’s love affair. There are rumors that he’s turned to former co-star Reese Witherspoon  for consolation and advice on the situation. He has also been seen out with friends, for a guys night out recently, but what’s really on Rob’s mind? Well it has been confirmed that Pattinson will be appearing on ABCs Good Morning America on August 15th! He is also appearing on The Daily Show this upcoming Monday. We are not sure of is if this interview will be about promoting the upcoming and final movie of the Twilight Saga or the dish on him and Stewart. Will he admit to his fans how he feels and what he wants to do? We’re not sure if the scandal is on the topic for discussion, because even if it is, something’s can always be well rehearsed and practiced to give the people solely what the publicists want the actor to reveal. Who’s really doing the talking? However, there should be a divided line, in regards to him not just as an icon for many fans, but he does have his reasons to be personal and private. There is only one way to find out what the interview will be about, and that is to watch Good Morning America. We’ll be watching for every juicy detail, stay posted! Xo

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