Stick to the Basics

Keep the basics & look great! We all want the goddess secrets but we forget that we are perfect and looking great should be about feeling great. I’d like to say when you feel great you look great but that would defeat the purpose of this article so here are a few things I’ve learned in regards to the basics we should master!

Make-up tips: With fresh clean hands blend your make-up with your fingers tips. A make-up brush is amazing but can apply too much make-up or have streaks on your face if you’re not a professional MUA. When you use your finger tips, you’re able to blend better and feel how much make-up is being applied. The new make-up product that’s amazing are cream blushes. You use your finger tips to lightly apply warm blushes to the area of choice. As fall is coming up you may want to focus on a natural look and light colours. You don’t want to look like you put your face in a case of bronzer.

Shimmer is in ladies! The warm shimmer lipstick colours should be your focus. Unless you prefer what is being titled as Vampy lips with the darker shades this season. If you’re like me and want to keep your look simplistic but fresh, keep the colours warm, like a peachy or rose colour. for those who like darker colours, bring out the bold and make them red or plum, nothing wrong the dark side!

Skin: Your skin should always be pampered & a girl’s night at the house or spa sometimes never works out for everyone at the same time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your skin. Personally, I use refreshing face masks to help keep my face toned and firm. Always when you come out of the shower, dry yourself off and lather non-oil based products onto your body. There are so many different kinds of lotion that when it comes to your skin you need to be aware of what moisturizer and what make just sit onto of your skin. Do not use high scented “fancy” lotions for your body but use those as your leaving the house to add a perfume scent rather than pamper.

Heels are my best friend but sometimes it’s not the heel that makes the difference, but rather the shoe itself. So try wearing a cute pair of classic flats, with a pencil skirt. You’ll look great just not as tall and maybe be in less pain if you’re not use to heels.

Don’t waste your money on tones of face washes for your face. Everything is about the basics the less added “stuff” thrown on your face the better. Focus on just 3 areas, wash, tone & moisturizer natural beauty is at its best!

Hair: Oh hair! We ladies love our hair but never understand it. Well if you dye your hair, use too many products or heat systems on your hair it’s bound to be brittle, broken, thin, and overall damaged. So give your hair a break from extra chemicals and go for a hair day. Many hair dressers today have hair treatments they may recommend to you. When you do a lot of dying, they aren’t doing it to make an extra buck, but to help maintain your hair!

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