Take Back The Night Peel

Did you know 1 in 3 women WILL be a victim of sexual violence in her lifetime? Doesn’t seem to big?

Me: ONE – Safe
Her: TWO – Safe
YOU: victim Scarred for life.

Now does it seem like a lot? Fact is, a lot of women don’t know this! Many  women don’t know any facts about Women’s Violence. Let us talk about this very not-openly-talked-about issue. Besides the fact that 1 in 3 women will be victims, did you know that:

– In just 1 year in Canada, 427,000 women over the age of 15 reported they had been sexually assaulted. Only 10% are reported to the police.
– Close to 23,000 incidents of dating violence were reported to police in 2008.
– 83% of women with disabilities will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime.

(All these facts have been posted on @TBTNPeel, their official twitter!)

There are many  help lines available, but what about events? Activism? There’s one now, Take Back the Night Peel is community rally and march to raise awareness around sexual violence and violence against women, children and trans people. The goal is to honor survivors, create safer communities where women, girls as well as trans people can feel safe. Their message is to build respectful relationships so that violence can be prevented in future generations. It aims to spark a fundamental shift in the manner that young people interact to create healthy relations that respect dignity of all women.

This event already has a count of 250 people, and they want more! Both men and women are invited to join this special event with many meaningful performances, and wonderful people! Although it says “Peel,” people from outside of Peel are welcome to register at www.takebackthenightpeel.ca! Lets create a safer community so that women will one day be able to walk down their streets and feel safe.

On the other side of this event,Take Back The Night Peel invites regular people like you to audition to be apart of the event! They are looking for ANY kind of artist who want to sing, dance, rap, speak poetry or spoken word around the theme of women’s violence! They offer to exhibit any painting or drawing around their theme as well. They asking you to make a video and send it in, in fact I have their official call out!

Are you an artist? A Performer? A Speaker? Do you have a knack for spoken word, dance, visual art, or another art form? We want you!! We are officially accepting submissions around the themes of overcoming obstacles, personal empowerment, or any related theme of sexual violence or violence against women. If interested, please email Leisha at ouryouth@sarccp.org or one of the Ambassadors for the application form!! Deadline is August 22nd so get in touch soon!!

Whether you’re a guest at the event or performing in it, you wont want to miss it! It’s going to change lives and start a movement and you can be a part of that! So let’s do this! Lets Take Back The Night, together!

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