Boyfriend Advice

Ever heard of a statement, a stupid question that deserves a stupid answer? Well what if the question was well beyond stupid, that it made stupid look good? Oh it happens and it happens far too often. I have been asked some of the stupidest questions and could make a book out of them all.

My boyfriend doesn’t pay me much attention, so should I meet up with an ex and see what happens? You know, for coffee or something?

Umm, NO, NO, and NO! Do you really think that trying to get your boyfriend jealous with an ex is going to help your current situation? It will do nothing but make your situation worse. Just because he isn’t paying you any attention, doesn’t mean he isn’t into you. Maybe he has a lot on his mind and is really stressed out from everyday factors, like work, family or friends. Now, if things start to become awkward and he really isn’t the same person anymore, have a conversation with him ASAP. Do not sweep things under the rug, for this will only make your next argument the size of texas. ( You know what they say, EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS!) Try to express your feelings; guys do have a hard time expressing how they feel with words, and many times they keep issues bottled up inside. We women tend to analyze everything in our daily lives, so try to see it from his perspective. But… and this is a big but, if he continues to distance himself from you and continues to not enjoy the things you two use to normally enjoy together, rule out any possible side companions. No one wants to think the worst, but ruling this out will make you a whole lot lighter, specifically in the shoulder area. If the dude is cheating, two words, DITCH HIM! You deserve undivided attention, monogamous doesn’t mean five, it means two people, one committment. Now get er’ done!

6 responses to “Boyfriend Advice

  1. Great adivce!!
    But I have a serious question though, the boyfriend not paying his girlfriend much attention that doesn’t mean he’s cheating. What if shes’ just getting real boring now, what do we as guys do then??

    • If you want your relationship to work go to tell her. be upfront and bold, no lies. On that note ask and you shall receive; she might start to spice things up for you. On another note this week I will be writing an article on woman over thinking everything in a relationship. Let me know what you think.

      • Make sense but we all know that at least 60% of relationships are built on lies. But I’m looking forward in reading the article 🙂

  2. Like Yanngthoughts said, tell her the truth. it goes both ways if shes beocming distant ask her. maybe shes not one to discuss whats going on within her mind. If you seriously arent feeling the relationship no more, the feelings arent mutual again be upfront, dont lead her on and continue to make her think that everything is fine. The truth hurts but honesty will always be respected. You still have your own feelings to deal with aside from your partner. being truthful benefits both parties. Hope this helped. Dont hesitate to ask questions.

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