Justin Bieber’s Outrageous Claim

Justin Bieber, a Stratford, Ontario native and teen heart throb probably said the most arrogant statement to the Rolling Stone magazine. He stated, “I’m actually part Indian, I think Inuit or something, I’m enough percent that in Canada I can get free gas.” You have got to be kidding me? Did the Biebs really think that making such a statement would not result in a massive amount of criticism?.

The Inuit Museum of Art in Toronto offered the Biebs free admission to learn more about the Inuit culture and heritage. He really should take them up on their offer; he just may find out that people of Native and Inuit status do not “fill the tank” for free.  The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples have every right to be irritated by this foolish comment. It just adds to the already big stereotypes alot of these innocent people face. Now, don’t misunderstand, no one really knows if the Biebs really is part Inuit. It’s something he should definitely research, regardless of his ethnicity because he really needs to do some damage control. There are many pre-teens and teens who do hang on to every word he says, so he should make it clear that he made a mistake. Hey, everyone is human and we all make mistakes, but we need to be man/woman enough to stand up and admit them. Being famous doesn’t help and haters will hold on to the grudge, but not apologizing isn’t exactly the smart way out either. I highly doubt that those affected by the comment will forget it.

Damage Control: Beiber, start by using social media. You have something like over 500 000 followers on Twitter and those who follow you will retweet. Apologize! Do an interview and apologize! Perhaps also visit the museum, you might just learn things you never really knew. And its been said before, APOLOGIZE! You can’t take back what you said, but you can make it clear that you made a mistake. Things happen and sometimes you speak before you think. Let this be a learning curve. Just because you’re famous, it doesn’t exempt you from making stupid remarks.

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