Lady Gaga Perfume and Dream Cover Girl!!!

Sometimes when the news is too exciting, rumors and photos get leaked much sooner than expected. A recent leak had gone through Lady Gaga’s security bubble, as photos and information had been leaked onto the net. So it shouldn’t be much of a secret, but in case you didn’t know, Lady Gaga has created her first ever perfume and every little monster will be wearing her newest scent!

The perfume is to be launched this September title “Fame.” It is in an oval bottle with a gold metal top decor. It looks to almost like the bottle itself is black, but in actuality, the liquid black. Black perfume? Gaga always has a way to change things and create a whole new appearance!

Another great collection to include in our daily lives, and this creation by Lady Gaga is looking to be a growing trend. I personally look forward to enjoying this new fragrance. (Perhaps I should request it as a birthday gift.) This is a great step forward for Lady Gaga, pushing her way into another stream of production. When we first started this website, my first article was on Lady Gaga and her debut as an actress, now it’s about her first ever perfume line – what else could this woman be up too? Lady Gaga you are on our radar girl!!

Well, maybe working on her new album maybe? Singing is still her main focus, as the title for her upcoming album, which is to be released sometime next year, is titled ARTPOP. Now, people can change their minds as their work comes along, but no, Lady Gaga makes it a for sure confirmation when she tattoos it onto her body.  Yes, she recently posted on Twitter her new tattoo on the inside of her arm. It’s what the Lady Monster wanted, as she feeds us little ones on her recent great news. This is all amazing stuff with such exciting growth for Lady Gaga since she first begun her career. ARTPOP, has a lot to match up to when looking back on her last album “Born This Way” with 1.1 million albums sold. A few of her songs had even been sung on Glee – well let’s go Lady Gaga, you’re becoming more than a trend setter, but an icon for many to follow.

Oh, and don’t forget she’s on the upcoming cover of Vogue, where she is a “Dream Girl” bringing it to a whole ‘nother level of course, and being completely a humble woman, even though she’s clearly a huge SUCCESS!!
Vogue September issue will be on stands Aug 14th, where she talks about her perfume, the Born This Way Ball, and her music.

Below are some photos put on the web from the photo shoot, and an additional one of Lady Gaga in a Wedding dress by Vera Wang since her friend is getting married. P.S Lady Gaga looks stunning in these photos!

“When you’re around me and really see that all I do is live and breathe for my work, it’s not strange, it’s just Gaga,” Lady Gaga.


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