The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer‘s novel titled “The Host,” was released in May 2008 and has been
 adapted into a film and will be released in theaters next year. Though this November is the fourth and final release from the series Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Meyer’s success seems to have only begun.

The Host is a work of science fiction that is geared towards adults. the release date of the movie is March 29, 2013. Believe us when we say that,  this novel was written on a completely different level and purpose compared to Twilight, even if SciFi doesn’t interest you. For all you Twilight haters, don’t worry! No such thing as Vampires in this best seller.

Whats this novel?

The novel is based on a surreal idea when ‘hosts’ can take over and live inside the human body. With very few humans left and many in hiding, the host can take over your body and mind without causing physical damage. Your appearance remains the same, however, you are no longer in control.

Melanie is captured and taken over by the host, Wanderer. This host has been active in other forms (ie. plants and flowers), takes over a human named Melanie for the first time. This was Wanderer’s first time hosting a human’s body. It is said that hosts are warned before they take control; that humans are the most complicated creatures that have emotions and the host must learn to control them.

Throughout the course of time Melanie enables her memories and emotions to submerge and Wanderer can’t seem to stop them.  It takes awhile, as the Wanderer is put through various emotional moments, unsure of how to react.

As Wanderer allows these memories and emotions get the best of it, Wanderer is able to see a man in hiding. This turns out to be Jared, who Melanie loves and wishes to be with. Since Wanderer now has both thought and emotional gain, Wanderer begins to embrace the emotional aspect of love and wants to find Jared. Can Wanderer and Melanie come together as one to search for Jared, whom they now both care for? Will they be able to embark on that dangerous path?

I bought The Host in 2009. I was glued to Twilight and finished all four books within 5 days, so when I picked up The Host I knew it was going to be worth it. Spell bound and glued to another novel written by Stephanie Meyer and I have many hopes for a new book from her soon!

Let us know if you’ll be reading the book and/or seeing this great upcoming film!


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