Most Common Sex Positions (and why they’re great!)

Oh yes SEX! I know you all like it. Even the nerd in the thick-rimmed glasses with the GPA of 4.0 enjoys some time between the sheets. Now if you’ve been engaging in the naughty for a while (or watch enough porn), you may know many of the different positions that exist. Now since a position like a bald eagle (look it up if you’re curious) is not a position that should be attempted by many individuals, most of us just stick to the good ol’ reliable positions that get the job done. But hey girlfriend who complains that your sex life is getting boring, don’t blame the common positions. There are reasons as to why we use these positions often, because they’re awesome! Here are the 5 most common positions and why they’re absolutely astounding!

1. Doggy Style

Aweee Yeah! Woof woof style brings the heat! This position is infamous because it allows guys to have sex with “butterfaces” without worry. Also many women see this position as impersonal and unromantic. As a result, some women deter from this position. Nonetheless doggy style is still common because it allows for deep penetration so men can hit that wonderful G-spot. In this position your guy can caress your back, slap your ass, and grab your waist. For women who believe that doggy style is unromantic, get your man to lean forward and stimulate the clitoris. From there he can kiss your neck and shoulders, or even whisper in your ear.

A great variation to doggy style is downward dog (ass up face down). It has all the benefits of doggy style but you can rest your head on a pillow. =)

2. Cowgirl

Giddyup!! This position is common because it gives the female control. Girl, just ride on!! You can go as fast, slow, or as deep as you want. Guys benefit because it gives them a break, especially if they suffer from premature ejaculation (even though they won’t admit it). The cowgirl position allows your male counterpart to explore your breasts, and he can stimulate the clitoris while you’re rocking his world.

A great variation is the reverse cowgirl, where the female simply turns around. This allows guys to see their partner’s wonderful derriere.

3. Spoons

Spooning is not just cuddling; it’s also a sex position where both partners lie on their sides and the male enters from behind. This position is great because it allows for full body contact, making it very intimate. Guys, you can grab your lady’s waist and thrust. You can also reach around and grab her whole torso or fondle her breasts, whichever both of you enjoy better. Deep penetration is more difficult from this position, but because of the close contact, it doesn’t matter.

For something a little different, ladies lift your leg. Your man can grab it and thrust deeper!

4. Standing Position

When I think of the standing position, I think of hot lusty sex where couples couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom, and just did the nasty in the kitchen instead. Hey that can be what you want to do, or you can save it for the bedroom. Regardless where you have sex, this position is great! Like doggy style, it allows for deep penetration, and like reverse cowgirl, it allows for the guy to get a good look at his partner’s ass. For girls who are relatively shorter than their man, throw on a pair of heels. Guy’s would definitely get off on that.

Change it up by facing each other and letting the guy lift up your leg. If he’s a strong guy, let him lift you completely off the ground. This position also allows for deep penetration.

5. Missionary

This position is the most popular position and also dubbed the boring position. This is because many women are known to just lie on their backs and accept the vaginal pounding that their partner provides. The people who truly love this position are probably the ones who do it right. First off, this position allows eye contact, and being able to read your partner’s facial features shows if they are enjoying your performance, which is key. Deep penetration can be achieved, while women have their hands free to explore their bodies, or their partners’. Ladies, here’s a tip: don’t just lie there! You can grab your partner and thrust back into him, allowing for even deeper penetration!

If you want to change it up, women can move from the missionary position to the anvil position by simply lifting their legs and placing them on their partner’s shoulders. This position is definitely intense!

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