Say “I Do” To Your Wedding Hair



Ladies, ladies, ladies. Growing up, we always dreamt of our fairy tale wedding with prince charming, a beautiful ball gown, a horse and carriage….the whole nine yards right? When we thought of that perfect day, I’m sure a lot of us just assumed we would wear our hair like all the princesses we’ve have watched growing up. Most likely a traditional updo. Well I can say I was definitely one of those girls, I wanted it all; the big ball gown, beautiful venue, perfect man, EVERYTHING!  However, I did not once ever think about how I wanted to wear my hair.

Once that dream comes true there are a few things we must remember about our hair. We take so much pride in our hair every day. Let’s make sure our hair is just as beautiful as everything else on our wedding day. Remember, LESS IS MORE, especially when it comes to bridal hair. You don’t want your hair to wear you, so to speak.  A lot of us ladies make the mistake of believing we need a huge, dramatic updo. Unless you are going to a very avant garde feel, your hair should not be the centre of attention. You also have to keep in mind that you will be looking at these pictures for the next fifty years. Do you really want your grandchildren looking at your wedding pictures and saying “ Grandma, what was wrong with your hair?”. No? I didn’t think do.  Simple, classic, and timeless is the way to go.  Also keep in mind what type of veil, hair jewellery, or tiaras you want in your hair if you choose to have any.

You will notice a lot of celebrities are keeping it simpler when it comes to bridal hair these days. For example, Hillary Duff, Molly Sims, Reese Witherspoon, Carrie Underwood, Kate Moss, and of course Kate Middleton. This is just to name a few. Some styles that are HOT right now: waves, chignons, half up half down with soft curls (my personal favourite), and last but not least, soft updos.

Now that we have all that down, how do we commit to a hair style you ask? Almost the same way you commit to the man. When you know you just know. When booking a hairstylist ALWAYS book a trial a few months before. This way you get a feel of the quality of work and what suites your face and will be complimentary to your gown. Bring a picture of your dress and any hair styles you had in mind to your trial. Your hairstylist can show you a few hair styles and variations that he or she might think will be a better fit. After each hairstyle is done get someone to take a picture of you from a few different angles. Also when you attend your hair trial always make sure you are wearing makeup. This will give you a better understanding of the complete look. After your trial, one of two things will happen. Either you will leave ecstatic and know exactly which hair style you like, or you will be super confused. Go home, ask two other people for opinions (no more than two or it will be even harder) but with this remember its your day!! Do what makes you happy in the end. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the stylist and always make it very clear if you don’t like something. (Sometimes we get a little carried away and add our own little twist to your original idea.) This is very important. You want someone who you feel comfortable with. The last thing you want on the morning of your wedding is to have to sit in a chair and feel uncomfortable.

Best wishes with your wedding hair! XO


One response to “Say “I Do” To Your Wedding Hair

  1. I’m Struggling with that right now! Should i do an up-do or down-do?? ugh!. Well I have noticed that tying your hair up or in a tight braid gives ya a nice face lift! So likely an Up-Do 🙂

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