RapeX- Will This Female Condom Stop Rape?

This is actually not a new topic to society, but many are unaware of the crucial tactics women decide to go through in South Africa to lower their chances of being raped. This plastic form, shaped like a condom was made in the hopes on decreasing the rape count of victimized women.

This product was released sometime in early 2007. Although it seems like a great idea, their was a deep response given through multiple sources. One source says that although this seems tactful, women should not have to get use to the concept of getting raped- this will only shelter the thoughts. Another source said that it was not humane to have this product on the market, due to the fact that it won’t solve rape, but in a non-humane way hurt someone, or damage them throughout the body with the shock of pain.

No one can ever control rape, and no one has in South Africa. Men use tactful skills, strength, and endurance so woman can only fight back so much. No one should have to get use to any sort of unbarring of pain and sorrow onto them. It seems as if it’s not just males vs. females, but the concept that women should be allowed freedom from rape without a way on how to.

What is this condom? It is a firm plastic sized condom where women are to insert the form into their vagaina. If this woman embarks onto a man who manages to have access to rape her, once he is able to penetrate her, sharp metal (razor-like) hooks will then latch onto the man’s penis.
He must then see a doctor or emergency room as they must be carefully removed. Which in course of action, the man will get medical attention and can then be arrested for rape, being that’s the only way he can get these hooks onto his penis. Arrest and detain…simple to me.

Always there will be pro’s and con’s to every situation. This prototype was made in 2005, and the creator Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, believed that regardless of the negative impact it will have on men, it may help a lot more women. She does note that she does not hate men, but the fact that rapes occur so frequently, there must be a solution. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Men shouldn’t be allowed to rape women, period.
1.7 million women on average get raped yearly, so what other method can be created or used to stop men? Dr. Ehlers state that women have rights and power over their body, this just brings it back. Due to the remote area and its lack of economic stability, income is short for certain cities. This female condom is sold at a very low price for women who have less money and those who travel long distances for work.

Rape.co.za, says, “It’s estimated that women born in South Africa have more chances of being raped than learning how to read.”
Earlier this year… 30,000 of these were given to the women during the World Cup Season.

If you were a woman who was concerned about the high records of rape in your area, would this condom help make you feel more safe and in power? Comment Below.



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