Repair That Damaged Hair!

Bleaching hair seems to necessary to achieve all of the exotic hair colours that have been in style lately. Trends such as: pink tips, fire truck red hair,  and blue streaks are common requests at the salon, but doing your hair at home is cheaper. Fact is, home bleaching makes your hair feel like hay. It becomes brittle, dry, frizzy and quite out of fashion. Who wants to have  Le Cirque on their heads? NOBODY! From recently experiencing having dry brittle hair, I researched and came up with my own mix of products and techniques on how revive it.

Here are some tips and tricks to revive your hair ASAP:

1. Conditioner. Everyone knows this one! Conditioning is KEY to keep your hair smooth. When you wash your hair, use a little extra and add it everywhere. Let it sit a couple of minutes and repeat. When you rinse it out well, your hair should feel like silk!

A great choice would be to use colour protection Conditioner, such as the TRESemme line!

2. Don’t wash your hair a lot! It may sound nasty, but I’m not saying you should wash it once a month. I’m saying not to wash it everyday. Every other day OR 2-3 times a week is good. This lets your natural oils come out and your hair will soak it up. When your hair does become greasy, brush your hair through.

It may sound a bit weird, but if you want your natural hair back you will do this. Plus, washing your hair everyday is unhealthy because you’re washing out your natural oils which produces minerals for your hair.

3. Heat Protectant. The spray you use when you curl, straighten or blow dry your hair is great! Since your hair is dry this is going to help you! After your hair is washed, spray it on your hair (3-5 sprays should be enough) and brush your hair through!

From experience, this has helped my hair a lot; it’s kept it smooth and bearable! I have used Garnier Fructis Thermo-Sleek Spray.

4. Split End Renewal. This is something you can get from your local drug store. If you catch it on sale it be as cheap as $3.00! You pump out the cream and smooth it on your ends when your hair is wet or damp. The texture  usually feels like conditioner. This is really going to help because it calms down your ends.

I found that my ends were the most harsh part of my hair, making it impossible to do cute updo hair styles! I have used Pantene Split End Repair (Normal-Thick Hair) almost everyday on my ends and it’s helped!

5. Hair Masks. Using home made masks (oh nat-ur-el!) or store bought can really help out! Making home masks can be as easy as just using olive oil for an hour or creating a chunky smoothie  with your blender! Fruits off your counter and nuts from your pantry are so useful! Different fruits, liquids and nuts help with different things and can really get you on the right track. Using store-bought masks I recommend “cooling” or “relaxing” masks, they’ll bring your hair down to its normal state.

Personally, olive oil seems the best. I have also bought an olive oil replenishing mask which works great.

6. Heat Tools. STAY AWAY FROM YOUR STRAIGHTENER, at least for a couple weeks. Avoid blow drying and curling (anything with heat on your hair, don’t do it). When you place heat directly on your hair, you are pretty much frying it like bacon. We are trying to avoid the crispy, crunchy hair. Check out youtube tutorials for heatless techniques to achieve the styles you want.

These are the tips and tricks that I have used for my hair, and it’s really starting to get back to smooth fab hair again!! Do you have any secrets to fixing dry hair? Comment below!!


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