Kiss it How He Likes It

Not every guy is the same, but naturally the ear seems to be the sweet spot of men. Generally, in the right moods, location and aroma, ‘hot’ pre-plays are exciting and great to boost your hormones. There are steamy make outs, rub around and straight feelings for the passion of hot sex.

There are some people who can do very little and go straight into sex, and for others it takes some foreplay and steamy moments to increase the mood; not everything has to be so fast. His ears, if that’s his spot, is that one piece of your playground you know you have to touch. It’s just the swing set, not the monkey bars so here are a few ideas on how to master the ear foreplay to increase his sexual desires.

When focusing on the ear of a man, she should start with a light tease. Begin with kissing him, moving along the jaw line of his face, moving gently yet passionately as you kiss the spot just under his earlobe. Then take a light nibble on his lower earlobe and pull gently and release.

Get a little rough along his body, it’ll just enhance him. By doing this, you rub your body along his as you rub your lips along his ear from top to base and again lightly bite and release. With your tongue along the way down move it, towards inside his ear and towards the back. Then change the motive. With your hands work some filthy magic and make sure both of your clothes are off, if they aren’t already. For the rubbing and the touching, add some whispers into his ear with light soft blows; this will make him want you more! Never directly blow inside his ear canal, just leave a little room and blow lightly. By now, with all the rubbing and touching, you can move onto the next base!


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