Yes, Yes We Have Patrick Fashion Lovers

Who would have known that the famous line from the novel and movie The Devil Wears Prada, “I have Patrick on the line,” is now a reality? The famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier will be doing a photo shoot for the huge upcoming event, the Toronto International Film Festival.

He will be at TIFF between September 6th and 9th, where he will be taking professional photos of the VIP members. Demarchelier is a world-renowned French photographer who is simply great at what he does. He is able to catch various elements to make his photos amazing to look at. Fashion photographer was his choice of work which lead him to his focus with magazines like Elle and Marie Claire, and that eventually brought him to work for Vogue and Bazaar. He later launched into international advertising campaigns for designers such as Channel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and more! Did you know that in the movie Sex & The City, where Carrie was dressing up in wedding dresses for her big day and was on the cover of Vogue, the photographer we ever so slightly see was none other than Mr. Demarchelier.

With days left to TIFF, will you be heading downtown to see the amazing stars, great movies, and perhaps some fantastic guests! Take photos and we’ll upload the best ones onto our site as a part of our review!

Let us know!



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