Alicia Keys Announces New Album ‘Girl on Fire’

Welcome back Alicia Keys, who today announced her 5th album, release to be titled “Girl on Fire”.

Late last night, Aug 14th Alicia posted a form about her being in the studio and she was so excited to be working on her new album. She’s promising she is a whole new women, changing and she feels that she may have been misunderstood. From travelling all over she’s been able to create music that’s different with new sounds as well. Alicia says “it’s about new beginnings, new perspectives and a fresh start…- One of the lines I wrote says ‘I’ll never be perfect, but at least now I’m brave’.”

This album sounds intense and meaningful to Ms. Keys as great award winner and inspiration to many of her fans; she’ll never leave us unfulfilled with her amazing music. Will this be her cover for the album? Keys wearing a black ensemble with sheer sides, it’s hard to believe this stunning woman is 31 with children. We usually see her in comfort clothes, but this photo shows a little more. From a woman with fashion, fashionable taste and on Vanity Fairs best dressed for 2012. Give this woman the praise that’s needed, as she looks fabulous!

Once I told our editor Soonie, the news she playfully exclaimed, “Awesome! She needs to stop being a mom and make music!”

Let us know what you think of Alicia’s new photo & if you’re excited about her album! Xo


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