Are You Being Trended In Gossip?


As a site that has published celebrity gossip, we are very gentle as to what we allow to be published on our site before it goes into cyberspace. Rumors aren’t the nicest things, and when it comes to celebrities, their lives are always on view for the public to judge. Even for individuals who aren’t famous; that person two doors down from you can be hurt from trash talk and mean rumors. Sometimes we gossip without even realizing it, and when we’re in a group conversation we should be careful of what we’re saying.
That one sentence that made everyone giggle at once could have impacted plenty of people outside your group of friends. How? Well have you ever called your best friend that wasn’t at the party last night and filled them in on all the interesting news? They hear the “rumor” and when they’re talking to one of their friends, they might make a joke about it and so on. It then becomes part of large social networking group via Twitter & Facebook, where at our finger tips, every day the wrong gossip can be spread all over the web. Between using the two biggest social feeds, texting your closest friends, or uploading a photo to Instagram, anyone can know your business, your friends business and now the victim has stories being trended with many others from the night before. Untrue rumors are the worst and sometimes the rumors being said, are unknown to them. Be careful as to what you’re saying and repeating; you don’t know where it can end up. So how do you avoid gossip? How do you find out if gossip is being trended about you? Find out what you’re up against before you go around steaming mad.

The more important tip that can be given is to simply watch what you say and put on the internet. Did you know you could even spread rumors about yourself? If you’re a gossip girl watch out – you have a higher chance of being gossiped about! Its fair game really, you talk about others they will eventually talk about you. Spread less and have less attention.

It’s actually better to kill ‘bitches’ with kindness then with the same methods of gossip. It gives you less drama, stupid fights and shows you’re a better person, which means few fewer enemies. Did you know gossip is considered to be an addiction? They say it can make you feel better as a person or in power in a moment of time. Sometimes we blurb and say things we don’t mean, so if you hear a rumor you know you may have started, fix it ASAP!

There are different ways to deal with gossip, many being beneficial, others being…well not useful.
A good tip is confronting the person you know is spreading the rumors about you. Do it with confidence and maturity. Let the person know you are aware of the rumors being said about you and you hope that person spreading them will stop. You’re then not accusing them of starting the rumors which entails drama, but it shows you’re not afraid to stand up for yourself.

Attack plan? Do not pull a C.O.D (Call Of Duty) move…this will only blow up in your face or make you another topic of gossip. Just mention to the people who are talking about you, that you’re not affected by them. Making a joke about the rumors or untrue stories shows that you don’t care and your aware of all these topics. Of course, rumors are for children & little black books. There are still so many mean girls, you might as well make a “Burn Book.” Anything posted on the web remains in cyberspace, so please be careful. A spoken rumor can be hurtful and memorable, but a cyber note can be left…for a very, very long time.

If you have seen the show titled Gossip Girl, you of course are entertained by the amazing show, but hopefully get an understanding of why gossiping can be so hurtful. This September will be they’re last season, as everyone finds out who Gossip Girl is. As she says, “You know you love me, XoXo”

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