Who Wants Some Beer?

Well not me for starters, and that’s exactly the problem for brewers. Women are simply not buying enough beer. According to BMO Capital markets, men make up 80% of Canadian beer sales. Beer consumption has not increased since 1995, while overall drinking has increased 70%! Clearly there’s a problem here. The Toronto Star suggests that beer companies need to target women, seeing as that market is pretty much untouched. The question is how?

Last Year Molson Coors decided to make pink beer to target women. It was launched in the UK last year, and since I’ve never heard of it before, it’s obviously not working. Not only did they change the colour, they also changed the taste. The beer line, titled Animée, comes in three flavours: crisp rose, zesty lemon, and clear filtered. Reviews on Animée claim that these drinks don’t even taste like beer. So let me get this straight, they are trying to sell beer, that doesn’t taste like beer? It might as well be considered a cooler if that’s the case. 

A problem that women have voiced was that beer makes them feel bloated, and they fear the dreaded beer belly. Once again beer companies tried to solve the problem with “light” versions, promising low calories, and thus no beer belly. But this hasn’t worked either. It seems that more men are buying the low calorie beer, for their own health and appearances instead.

This brings us back to our original question, how can you sell beer to women? I, like most women find beer to be a more masculine drink that is specifically geared to men. If you’ve seen most beer ads and commercials, it is geared to men who want to see women in skimpy bikinis, and have a great time. Other commercials are really silly, but men are still the protagonists. These commercials and ads may be a great campaign to men, but it’s a complete turnoff to women. Molson Coors and other beer companies should have a commercial where a female is openly ogling the opposite sex while drinking a beer, or something of that nature. Don’t underestimate the power of marketing. Right now their marketing stinks, if they’re trying to gain a female consumer base. So for now, that’s what they should focus on. Forget the frilly pink beer, that doesn’t even taste like beer. Relate beer to a female’s perspective on life, instead of a male’s perspective, it just might be the key to this untapped market.

What are your thoughts?  Comment Below! Xo


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