Be Healthy, Be Silm Without Starving


We always want the new tips on being skinny, how to lose weight, stay fight – the works, but what we fail to understand is without the concept of eating healthy and exercising, we will never attain our  goal weight. It’s virtually impossible and many give up on their “diets” and binge. Then they gain all their weight back and fight against the idea of dieting. Well face it, you don’t need a diet, you need a life style change to be healthy and stay slim too. You can do all of this without starving either, here are some pointers.

  • · Eat often throughout the day with light calorie snacks. Like veggies and low sugar treats maybe like a Special K bar! Make sure regardless of what you snack on they are less than 250 calories. Depending on your goal weight, you don’t want to over eat.
  • · Eat nuts! Eat them in between your general meals. About 30-40 minutes before your main meals. If you are feeling “overly hungry” then have a handful of nuts before that meal.
  • · Eat and keep moving. Minimum 15 minute walks before or after you eat. These walks help your digestive track, so keep going and never stop those walks.
  • · Always eat breakfast. Some people find it hard to wake up and eat. When you wake up the first thing you want to do is drink a glass of water. Your body went 7-8 hours with no food or water, so it needs to be replenished. If you do the ‘grab and go’ in the morning, make sure you eat before 11. A good idea is to have a smoothie with lots of added goodness if you have that much trouble eating in the morning. Being awake and alert are very important!
  • · Yes, water haters, 8 cups of water minimum in a day. Might I add that before you eat your meal have a glass of water. As your eating your body will let you know if your over eating. Plus, a glass of water or two is good if you have a sweet tooth or in the need to binge, sometimes we’re not hungry at all, but rather thirsty.
  • · Eat less JUNK, simple no more SUGAR crap foods! Eating crappy food will only have you feeling crappy later and it will have you adding fat on your body. FYI- there is no such thing as 0 Calorie foods or drinks, it just means it’s filled with a bunch of other CRAP your body does not ever need to have so cut that out too!
  • · With all your healthy food choices, add fiber and lots of veggies.
  • · Finally, exercise is important. Even if you start off with 20 minutes a day with speed walking or light workout, you’ll eventually be able to improve your time to 25, 30, 35 etc. Try out new WII games or Xbox Kinect and work out games if you can’t afford the gym or have nobody to join your new healthy ways!

5 responses to “Be Healthy, Be Silm Without Starving

  1. I agree with your points, an added one though, kindof expanding on the nuts… always make sure to measure your fats (nuts are a fat source). Sure a handfull of nuts is easy and good to eat before meals, but if you don’t measure you might end up going over what is a reasonable portion and a little fat goes a long way!

  2. Thanks for the ideas shared on the blog. Yet another thing I would like
    to talk about is that weight loss is not information on going on a dietary fads and trying
    to reduce as much weight as you can in a couple of weeks.
    The most effective way to lose weight naturally is by acquiring it slowly but surely and following some basic ideas which can provide help to make the most from the attempt to lose fat.

    You may understand and already be following these tips, although reinforcing knowledge never damages.

  3. Superb post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Many thanks!

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