JWoww & Snooki Aftershow Aug.24.12

Hey hey!!!!! So, we had to let everyone know that Le Martini staff don’t just sit around and write all day, but we are actually serious about getting out there in Toronto, bringing awareness to our site and having a blast doing it.

There are a lot of upcoming events and you bet we will all be able to review and post photos of (stay tuned as to what they are and where we’ll be) but for now…our own staff member Royanne (YanggThoughts) was live on MTV JWow’s & Snooki’s aftershow showing the viewers a piece of advice.

There is no surprise that Ms. Yangg, would be out and about, letting everyone know just what she thinks. Royanne and her friend Nicki had enjoyed front row seats at the after show and the episode has aired a few times since. Towards the end, they both were able to engage in conversation with the hosts.

Stay tuned as our staff always have amazing updates and were always ready to get up and go to the biggest events ever!

Did you see Ray last night on the show? It’s our one and only here, at Le Martini!!!!



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