Fashion Night Out Comes To Toronto

This isn’t new but here it is, another event for September. If you are not a major fashionista then this is not for you, but if you’re new to “our world” or in need of a good event, well before Spring Fashion week coming up, we have FNO! This event started in 2009, and has become a worldwide event. What’s FNO? It’s where major ‘top notch’ stores open their doors into the late night with food and drinks, allowing customers to celebrate and shop the hottest retail trends!

This event makes its way to our fancy city for the first time this upcoming Sept 6th 2012. There are still stores awaiting confirmation if their doors will be open late to enjoy a show and shop till we drop! So far we have some confirmations and if anything changes we’ll make sure to let you guys know. Eaton Center was on the list to open its mall, but and there has been no update. Let’s hope this giant mall keeps their door open for this big event.

This event also takes place the same night the famous TIFF event begins, so Toronto’s streets are going to be busy and super fun! I personally will be out and about this fancy night and so will some of the staff- shopping, enjoying the drinks and hopefully witnessing some great appearances.

So where can you enjoy cocktails and a lavish party on Sept 6th?
Downtown Toronto nonetheless, with store like eLuxe (which had a giant sale earlier this month), H&M, Holt Renfrew (of course!), Juicy Couture and we hope with fingers crossed that Eaton Center will be opened. Although I was surprised due to construction, the upcoming re-designed mall Yorkdale will be hosting FNO starting at the new center court! This event starts at 6pm and ends at 11. Yorkdale, will be starting off their event with a fashion presentation at the Center Court.

We are urging all stores to take part in this event, and honestly I can’t wait to enjoy it!! Stay tuned on our site if we have any updates, but regardless you can always follow @FNO_Toronto – Let them know we referred you. We will be at an undecided location, but you’ll know it’s us! If you see us, we will be taking photos of the event; will you be a fashionista on our page?! Let us know how you love the event that is being celebrated about fashion world-wide!



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