Eco-Friendly & Fab for School!

The last days of summer are here and soon it will be time to go back to school! With all the new fashion and trends, students of all ages can get the new stuff to look fab in school. Supplies are running out fast on shelves and everyone is getting their school groove on!

But, were our binders really so torn up we needed new ones? Do you really need a new pack of pens? Did you really need those plastic dividers? Come on people! Binders can last so long if we take care of them. When you throw them out, it affects our mother earth! If you’re in high school, you’re old enough to take care of your things!

Now, on the other hand if you were staring at your crush and accidentally drew hearts all over your binder, I have a solution! There are a bunch of ways you can spruce up an old binder from last year to re-use it.

This really helps two things:
– Reusing
– Saving money (Who doesn’t wanna save a few bucks?)

If you’re an artist go ahead and pull out some permanent markers and draw on! If you don’t have the drawing knack you can do a celebrity-fied binder and cut out your favourite celebs and past them on to make a cool collage!

If you’re not up for that idea go through a magazine, some newspaper and cut out letters, phrases and quotes and make a colorful and cute letter-fied binder! The contrasts in colour and different fonts are definitely eye-catching and cute! All you need is glue, scissors and an old newspaper and magazine! You can get creative and make youre binders look new and chic!

Don’t like that idea either? Do a glitter or sticker collage! If you’re into glitter, get a paint brush and brush glue all over your binder then pour glitter all over your binder (good idea to have a news paper under you so mom doesn’t kill ya’). When it dries spray a few coats of hairspray over it to give it a softer finish and keep the glitter from sparkling off! You can also get pictures and fill them in with glitter, looks really cool! If you’re a sticker person get sticking! Any stickers lying around your room will do. You can mix and match these ideas to re-use your old binder!

For those old used pencils /pens that you were thinking to throw away, don’t! You can make those fab too! You can hot glue a fake flower at the top and cover it up with some green tape! Colored pencils work best for this! What about a lead pencil? You can bedazzled them up or glitter-fy them too!

Redo your old pencil-cases with some glued on plastic flowers and critters! You can even get your old pin collection out and pin them up! Secure the pins with a chunk of that old eraser you thought of throwing out! You can spruce up some of your old dividers with the binder ideas or pasting on a poster of your fave singer/band! You just saved a lot of plastic packaging, money and you still got what you need!

Mother Earth Will Thank You!


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