“Your just another rebound,” is a common saying, which is used quite often but it’s also used incorrectly. We freely use the term rebound to describe a person who just left a relationship and jumped back on the band wagon quite too quickly. The politically correct way of using the word alongside the definition is defined as a distraction. It is a connection to another person that keeps us from having to experience the full extent of the emotional pain of a recent breakup.  Some common statistics which include both sexes show that some rebound relationships last anywhere from a week to years. Some get lucky, they find the one they’re meant to be with after many trials and errors. Others just don’t know what to do aside from being lonely, so they look for the next best company. It’s not smart at all given the many heartaches you will
1) cause yourself,
2) cause another person, and
3) begin to lose all trust in the human race. It’s not rocket science; you can’t emotionally be available while still dealing with the recent break up of the past. All those unanswered questions, anger, and hurt will slowly present itself in the rebound. It may take weeks or even years, but it does happen.

So some may wonder, what happens if you are really tempted to jump into a rebound relationship, you feel as if being lonely will only decrease your life span?. One, that won’t happen. We all know the saying “misery loves company,” and looking for a rebound to mend your broken heart will only cause you to steer into a relationship you know will most likely fail. Maybe you are someone who cannot spend nights alone and you absolutely need company in the form of another lover. Well to each their own, just be prepared to know that it may not work out. If by any chance you do happen to jump into a rebound, do not lead the other person on the moment you realize that you have no mutual feelings. Be honest and let them go. did I mention that 95% of the time rebound relationships don’t work?. Aside from heartache and loneliness you will ultimately face, your self-esteem will also take a hit. You will start to wonder why your relationships aren’t working out and no doubt you will begin to assume you are the problem, when in reality it’s the action of bouncing from one rebound to another that is the root of the issue.

Bottom Line: If you suffered a recent split good or bad, carve out some time for you. Embrace the new you and start focusing on your dreams and making them realities. Sometimes when people fall in love they lose grasp of reality and may even lose the desire to pursue the dream they once had. Easier said then done, of course, but that’s when you turn to support. Whether it be a close family member, or a bestie, they are there to provide some sort of comfort and guidance. Positively changing yourself is ultimately what will help you move into the future. Go for a new hairstyle, change your nail polish, or buy a funky pair of shoes and let loose. Becoming an individual again will prevent you from going into a relationship and making it a rebound. Don’t bring the past into the future, its in your past for a reason.


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