Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

With the sudden interest in everyone with Yoga (now Zumba) I had to sit and ponder as to why? Why, is there such a need to join a yoga class? Yoga is not new- it’s a rather old form of meditation and yet we look at yoga now like it’s a new Apple product. Yoga is a form of meditation, deep breathing, stretching into a exercise program that can be easily turn into “hot yoga” – but for now Yoga is our topic.

There has been an elevated amount of research that has been done, with many amounts of information from medical and scientific reviews and of course a few other publications from those who have tried a yoga class or maybe a magazine that has looked into some reviews and did a general publication within their pages. Many questions arise with the topic, like does it help you lose weight, is it safe, beneficial worth the money? –etc. Regardless, one should always have their own opinion on yoga and a personal background with it, because you’ll never know if something is for you or not unless you simply“just do it”.

With the blow up in tabloids I won’t lie it caught my eyes into wanting to know more and giving yoga a chance. So I approached the topic of yoga not only with a logical thought process but also a preference of my own, from trying yoga as a part of my daily routine. The one question that I will leave open for one’s own opinion is the question of, if paying a teacher can benefit you more, or is self-study of online usage like youtube or DVD’s you can buy is a better cost.

So why Yoga? Some of the experts say things such as:


         Good for our body & mind to connect with one another

         Harmony & possibly self-healing

         Acquire an awareness to our bodies; allows us to know more of our bodies strengths & weakness’ 

         Being able to relieve stress or increase your general well being a positive way (I totally agree)

*Does yoga really help your poster & breathing? I think so but below is a site with more detailed information…

[This a site about the psychology & psychological & biochemical benefits]


Now, there have been negative publications as well. Some have said that it’s hurtful to your body, you’re easy to be bruised & you cannot lose weight by doing yoga daily. See, I think when it comes to weight loss people forget how the calories burned vs. Calories ate are accounted for. So before blaming a type of ‘exercise’ you choose make sure it works with your diet plan. Also, remember when you start something new sometimes you can get hurt-yoga is no different! But with improvements, after stretching out a tight muscle you’ll see within time you will be able to judge how yoga affected your body.

My personal opinion is the fact that anything you do nothing you ever start at is easy or simple. Yoga, is no different than learning something new and in my own personal experience yoga has become an exercise for myself. It allows my muscle’s a chance to be a position with my body it doesn’t regularly use in a general cardio work out. I use Yoga in the morning when I need a wake-up call & I don’t have time to go for a jog- & sometimes before bed to relax my mind & body to have a restful night; fact, I actually used a yoga program I seen to help with cramping & adnominal pain. At first when I started yoga, my poster was really bad- so it affected my performance, but after a couple days and discovering things I liked and wanted to do on a daily basis its like second nature.

Yoga is not a form of weight loss treatment, but it has helped my legs & my stomach tightens its core as I continue my general workout program I created for myself. Yoga, is just a simple relaxing work out, whatever relaxes you, maybe reading a book or just simply laying down and watching a movie. Then that’s what works for you- but many are searching for that “how” to just get everything out of your mind for a few minutes- I’d take yoga anytime! As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post of mines- weight loss is a form of a proper life style- not a simple diet can obtain your ultimate weight goal.

Let’s not have yoga look like it’s an understatement, it’s just not new- yoga was not invented yesterday & should be taken seriously just as any other ‘sport’, it’s a physical activity. There are sites through Google or apps on your Apple products that will help you with calories and muscle built as well as videos of ‘hot to do’ yoga & enjoys it.

To be honest, no one should read reviews or simple publications without trying yoga for themselves have your own thoughts and opinions on the topic- many people have their own experiences in life, yoga is another example one must do on their own to know if it’s for them. I’ve been using a DS yoga ‘game’ youtube & some picture examples from the internet.

There are many different pro’s & con’s about yoga out in this world; but give it a try & come back & tell me how you like it- I give yoga an ‘A’, if requested I’ll add some links to the videos I have used J

Below is a link for do’s & don’ts before a yoga class/at home


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  1. Hey! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward
    this write-up to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read.
    Thank you for sharing!

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