Sept 6th 2012- FNO Event!!

Fashionistas, how did you spend your Thursday night? FNO (Fashion Night Out) finally came to Toronto and where ever you were we hope you had fun at the located event’s. We think it was the beginning to a great hit! Soonie & I went to the Yorkdale event, which was held in the center court of Yorkdale mall. I do know there were various stores downtown that had their stores open late, like Holt Renfrew, Juicy Couture, eLuxe and more.

Yorkdale had a whole event planned, instead of just coming in and shopping at the usual stores, they had a fashion show and a meet and greet with the hosts. The stores partaking in FNO handed out promotional flyers, saving coupons, deals and upcoming event cards.
Starting at 6 pm there was hair and make-up artist Diana Carreiro who presented fall’s latest beauty trends.
Then at 7-8 pm CityLine’s Lynn Spence who is a total expert shared the top ‘20’ fall and winter trends.
8-9 to close was live music, food and met the celebrity panel with Q&A from the crowd. Up to 200 people were at the starting of this event where they were given a raffle ticket for prizes and an orange ticket for a FNO, Yorkdale goodie gift bag.  The host of this event was Tracy Moore, who is also the amazing host for CityLine. There were 3 DJ’s throughout the mall and food samples. Moxies gave out free sandwiches and desserts to promote their location. FYI it was great food! Overall FNO was a great event.

What do you do after this event? You shop, shop till you drop because the stores were opened to 11pm with sales and coupons given. For example The Gap and H&M had a catch of spending $50 in their store and get $10 off. And of course you had the Holt Renfrew store where you see everyone with their Holt bag, it made you want to shop there anyways!

Downtown was a little different based on set up, location, stores etc. Everyone had their own theme, but being that this was the first time FNO had come to Toronto, its takes trial runs and combined ideas from other locations that thrived to make Toronto the best place for FNO! Remember this event started in 2009, and has become a worldwide event. What’s FNO? It’s where major ‘top notch’ stores open their doors till late with food and drinks, to celebrate and shop the hottest retail trends! Let’s make this the place to be.

Did you take part in FNO at Yorkdale Mall or Downtown? Let us know what you thought of the fashion event! Or better yet, where in the world where you taking part in FNO? For more photos check out our Twitter & FB page, we’ll be putting more up!




One response to “Sept 6th 2012- FNO Event!!

  1. Great article! Seems like Yorkdale had a successful event, thanks for the details- def. Check it out for next years FNO date!

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