Kim Kardashian Makes A New Debut

Kim Kardashian has high standards and big goals, so ladies and gentlemen don’t ever think of trying to stop her.

For a woman of age 31 years old she looks fabulous than ever. 7 years ago Kim began taking part in the high reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s which is obviously now on its 7th major series of running. In reality she gave up her freedom to a certain degree to allow this show to be as open to her private life and her families; it’s where she goes, what she says does and more, this is all on TV…around the world where the network is played.

That’s not all of Kim’s life though. They seem to leave out the work she does to keep her business running, her fans happy and keep a love life somewhat stable. You would think between, TV, fashion, make-up and other products Kim promotes she would have meetings upon meetings, around the clock work? Her focuses is more than being a reality hit, so let’s watch her build a new form of success. With 16 million followers on Twitter, multiple chains of business (to be discussed on a further article) Kim seems to be on a major focus of taking the next step in her life, rather than the ones who are trying to step up (to her).

There are plenty of rumors and fuss about Kim Kardashian and where her goals, dreams, and purpose in Hollywood goes, but as far as were contained… she’s doing a better job than many. Past or no past, Kim has come a long way. As her reality hit shows continue Kim is not done there in regards to a TV show.

Last Sunday, Kim made her debut on a new network Lifetime and new show Drop Dead Diva. The reviews so far have been fantastic and there is nothing but good things to be said about this reality girl! Simple yet important things, like how Kim was always prepared, she knew her lines and seemed rather ‘low-maintenance’. This is really a whole new scene for Kim to be a part of, but from filming her hit shows, they have given her some skills and tips for being on set for Drop Dead Diva. Professionalism for the win! Go Kim! As far as we have confirmed she is looking to be aired on two more episodes this season (total of 3 show arc), which is the 4th season running. The first premiere if you missed it, is on the Lifetime network tonight at 11pm. Do you hope to see more of Kim on this show? She did great if you asked me, and she doesn’t play ‘herself’. Little do we know this empire being built is at large and with Kim Karadashian having such big goals she say’s “acting and singing aren’t the only way to be talented”.

3 responses to “Kim Kardashian Makes A New Debut

  1. Great article! Love her or hate her, she’s everywhere. It’s odd seeing Kim on a ‘normal’ show, but maybe this can become a part of her her adventure and less reality…
    I wonder if Kim will read this, well written with great positive features!

  2. Hi my loved one! I want to say that this post is amazing, great written and come with almost all important infos. I would like to look extra posts like this .

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