Top 5 High School Turn Offs!

I’m a full-time student in high school. Let me tell you that there are SO many turn offs. I’m not just talking boys either, I’m talking about teachers, boys, friends and style. Now, im obviously not sharing the opinion of the whole female student body, but im sure that some of the females can relate. So here are my top 5!

5. Lazy Teachers

I absolutely cannot stand when a teacher is being paid to teach and support us, and they just sit at their desk, hand a sheet to ya’ and tell you to do it, especially when it’s a technical subject such as math or science! What about the ones who never teach you the unit properly and then give you a test on the whole thing?! Teachers who do that show they are unorganized and don’t know what they’re doing. What about when they stress to you about being punctual, and handing in work? Those are the ones who give you papers three weeks late! Such a turn off to your day!

4. Crowded Hallways

I HATE the hallways! I mean, people always stop right in the middle and have irritable stupid conversations! Can you not choose another place to stand? There are people actually trying to keep their attendance up by getting to class on time. I especially dislike it when a group or more than three decide to stand in the middle of the hall, there is no wall here for a reason people!

3. Lazy Slackers

Making number three on my list are lazy students! I mean, I hate lazy teachers, but I have to hassle with the lazy students! First off, do you really expect me to let you copy off me the whole semester? Why can’t you just pay attention, not fall asleep or actually attend class? People, including myself, HATE when people try to take the shortcuts by copying sheets or assignments, especially since us good students worked so hard –  its super annoying!

2. Annoying Chompers
People who don’t know how to chew! When you are in class and you’re chewing gum, or anything else, don’t chew like a cow! C’mon, I’m sure mama’ taught you your manners? It’s not rocket science, Insert Food/Gum+Close Mouth=LESS NOISE! It’s not classy nor cute… So please, do yourself a favour and SHHHH.

1. Sagging Pants
Low Pants! Let’s get real about this boys, it is not cool. What happened to your ass? Did your pants eat it? I think it is such a turn off when I see guys with pants below their butts! I can deal with being a little lower than the actual pant line, but why down below your butt? It is not swag… This trend started way too long ago, and it started when someone was in jail. I cannot explain the passion I have for hating low pants, this is why it makes number one on my list of High School Girl Turn Off’s!

If you’re in school what are your major turn offs? Let Le Martini know! Xo

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