Toronto International Film Festival

…or better yet let’s just call it the Kick Ass Week TIFF! It’s really only this week when so many hollywood stars come to Toronto ALL AT ONCE, and I think the fans get too overwhelmed and forget that when they’re walking around downtown, they’re trying to blend in. All the time stars come to Toronto for a weekend or two, movies are filmed here and it’s just another city to them. Yet, when it’s time for TIFF, this is not just a city anymore, it’s THE city.

This is TIFF’s 37th year and it’s never the event you want to miss. Every day there are different actors and actresses who dress up, look great, smile, but also sign autographs, but even better meet their fans. It’s always this time of year when Toronto is ‘star gazing’ as downtown always has stars shopping, getting coffee or just walking around. It’s always about who makes it to the premiere and who looks amazing. There were plenty of stars such as but not only; Helen Hunt, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradly Cooper, Anna Kendrick, Jonny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendez, Emma Watson, Will Smith & family, and Selena Gomez.

Check out our Facebook page with all the photos and what the stars where wearing!  Let us know if the stars’ outfits were a hit or miss!

First on our radar is Kristen Stewart wearing Zuhair Murad dress which looked stunning on her. Appearing since the ‘scandal’ (which is so over rated now) she was here for the film “On The Road” and got interactive with the fans before the film and afterwards on her way out.

Next is Kristen Dunst. She also appeared for the premiere for “On The Road” with Ms. Stewart but we did let that spot light shine away from Ms. Dunst who looked stunning for the first night of TIFF. Wearing a more simple and elegant dress; light-toned, sequined, floor-length gown.
(This photo on the right, you can see she was being ushered into her car.)

Then we have Canadian star Nina Dobrev wearing a dress by Monique Lhuiller, not too fancy so it matches the event and movie premiere perfectly. She was here for the premiere of “Perks Of Being A Wallflower.” On the day of Nina’s arrival she tweeted that she hoped her dress would get to the event on time because the alternative would really suck, well we hope this was her the first pick, regardless she looked amazing!

Up next is our Canadian actress Rachel McAdams. Wearing a stunning green Elie Saab full length Gown here for the film “To Wonder Premiere.” Rachel has been to many TIFF events but she always walks on the red carpet looking her best!


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