Update Your Closet With The Top Fall Trends

Yes, its fall and spring fashion trends for next year have been announced. Maybe you aren’t well versed when it comes to fashion, but still like to look good. It’s o.k. because fashion allows you to have your own personality twists to what you like to wear. Maybe prints isn’t you, but leather is. Maybe a bright red isn’t for you but a deep red (Oxblood) may be. It’s about incorporating certain trends with pieces that you are comfortable with. Now that it’s September, winter coats are already on the racks, but before you head out shopping you need the latest looks. Here are the top trends for bags, shoes, jackets, and clothes.

Check out our facebook page with more fall fashion trend photos, we want you to see all the different styles out there to choose from. The photos have the designer of the item but on some it will also have the place in Ontario where you can purchase it or the online website! Enjoy Xo

So let’s start off with the colour red. Red bag’s are like your new best friend but also red trench coats are highly fashionable right now as well!

Velvet, that soft, fuzzy fabric that you always feel so comfortable in, next to fleece. Yes, that’s the one. Velvet makes for those perfect dresses and bags, showing its ability in design, shape, and detail.

For fall the western style boot is always in! One must be careful though and I guess this is where ‘confusion’ can come in. This fall ankle and mid-calf western style shoes are trending the most. Any boot that’s higher that looks western is considered ‘motorcycle’. Motorcycle is trending right now which works out, but we want to make sure you know what you’re wearing!

Leather. Oh, you sexy piece of fabric. Leather jackets, bags, pants, shoes…what ever. It’s the must have this fall. I love Danier leather, one of my all time fave. But for this fall Prada and Versace used this fabric really well for their collection!

Cap toe shoes are just everywhere. Even in the spring fashion shoes in New York (we are doing an article on Spring shoes so don’t worry) come in different shapes, colours, and forms. It’s awesome! I used different styles in the photo above for a reason. Some people don’t love pointy but love heels, and some hate heels but love flats. Well thank goodness this trend works for everyone.

Yes, vampire lips are the best ones to have, that’s what the runways have been showing. We went from bright to dark and will soon go to light/bare as the winter comes. But for now deep red, violet, or Raisin Plum. L’Oreal and other drugstore brands have many dark shades to choose from if you don’t want to spend the big bucks.

Last but not least (check out our facebook for more styles and trend ideas) we have prints. Prints are such an open form that what ever works for you works for this fall season. Prints can be various and we feel that yes animal is still the hit thing, but so were flowers, and abstract patterns. It’s so fun to play with print right now, so put away your bright floral patterns, as they do not work for this fall. That’s for spring and summer usage!


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