Hold on & Stay Strong

Dear Le Martini readers, when you opened your email and seen a deep message one may wonder why we published such an article on our site. Well this past week was actually suicide awareness week. Every day people take their own lives away and all it takes is one person to give out their hand and reach out. This was written by Catt Costa who recently lost a friend and wanted to share not only her feelings and words of expression but for viewers to see that they can make a difference. Everyday you should be aware. – Jessica Saunders

You can take a knife and cut and carve, but it will only make you bleed.
You can drink poison, but it will only make you burn.
You can swallow all the pillt, but you will only suffer more.
You can jump off a building, but you will only feel free for a moment.
You can push the trigger, but the bullet will fly through you.
You can take your life in sixty seconds, but it took months to create.

To all the people who have felt like they could not go on,
To all the children that should have not suffered,
To all the youth who have been battleing,
To all the adults who gave it up.
To everyone who deserved something better.
To the hope that was not found, and the light that never appeared.
To the tears that were wept, but never cleared.
To the loves who are broken, and the lives that were here.
You deserved better.

May all the lost souls be in a better place,
May all the broken hearts be sewn back into place.
May all the scars and blood be gone,
May my love carry on ❤
Just hold on…

To all those who have taken there own life, may you soul truely rest in peace.

❤ Catt

For more information on suicide awareness click the link. www.save.org.


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