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It’s rather a bother these days to see the rich and famous (who set the examples for younger adults) hitting our readable tabloids; the media never seems to get enough. If you haven’t noticed these ‘celebrities’ are humans too – and as humans they make mistakes and look rather stupid.

Though I’d like to think it’s more embarrassing when you are arrested, your face is on the front cover of the tabloids and you’re being discussed, it would seem like a profound way to then realize it’s being published in multiple sources of media consumption across the world. These famous people just don’t seem to get it. People look up to them for various different reasons and due to this spotlight people will always be watching you, to follow your footsteps. Then you’ll have the ones waiting for them to fall, mess up and like usual be the ones who are more than happy to plaster their mistakes on my morning paper.

Here’s The Dish on some famous celebrities.

Rihanna who just released a song titled “Diamonds,” (which is pretty good I may add) and has the lime light on her. Why hello diva, may I ask you why you feel the need to post photos of you in a strip club with a naked girl dancing on you? You have various different history between the explicit dances, the break up, the miss haps with the smoking, and the tattoos, (some memorable some useless) but to announce and publish you’re at a strip club is 100% unprofessional and not needed. Rihanna enjoy your life, do whatever you see fit- just don’t post unnecessary photos, and posts such as your most recent strip club visit.  The generation below me is unintelligent enough; let’s not give them more ideas.

Mr. John Travolta has admitted that after his son’s death he was considering leaving the industry and quit acting. Well we are so grateful that director Oliver Stone was able to convince him to get back on set and film the latest movie Savages. Travolta will always be that sweet Danny from Grease and then the big action hero with a rocket launcher on his shoulder. We wish you and your family the best wishes and forever a fan of your films!!

Rumor has it they are increasing the age limit on driving again. You must be 18 plus to apply for your G1 permit. But when it comes to our Hollywood friends apparently age isn’t the only issue! Goodyear has recently offered free driving lessons to Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes due to one, too many DUI’s, hitting people, crashing cars, driving with a suspended license…anything else on the list? Poor girls, hopefully they take the offer or smarten up, because if neither works we suggest they hire someone to drive  them around. Just a thought!

Why, hello Ms. Princess Paris Hilton it has been awhile since I’ve gotten news with your name on a headline. Couldn’t stay away, eh? After years and years of growing up in this industry we thought you knew better. Well, another lesson learned for the “hot” heiress. Recently, Paris has stated a comment in regards to the fact that is she were to be ‘gay’ she’d be scared to die of ‘aids’. Ouch, wrong choice of words from the princess, but she has sent out a huge apology to her fans and wishes she could take it back. Or does she wish to rephrase this? We’ll never know and hope her future conversations do stay private. But Ms. Hilton has changed over the years and had also stated that she was so sorry and so upset that she caused pain to her ‘gay’ friends, family, fans and their families and wish no one ever heard this. Paris says it was a conversation between her and a gay friend of her’s and it doesn’t sound how it means.

Just in: Troubled actress Amanda Bynes has pleaded not guilty to two counts of hit-and-run! What do you think should happen to her?

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