Deeply Sorry

Good afternoon readers and followers. How ever do we explain what happened without making it look like 101 excuses. Sadly, one of our writers turned out to be a big error on our board of staff. Many of our articles have been deleted and we are unable to obtain them for you guys.

It’s been hard after losing a staff member and losing a lot of our ratings and followers that a few of us have decided to come back together and try this thing again. I have read such amazing comments, great feed backs and wonderful ideas. We do promise not to leave again or disappointing anyone who enjoys are website.

This new site will be titled ” A Dolls World” so keep your eye out for the post on when its launched. Many of the same concepts of Gossip, Fashion, Advice will be added. We are adding health, like mean plans, work outs, new facts that have come across the nutritional board. Business concepts, from motivation to leadership down to growing as an individual and then of course what we will call our “Chit Chat” were us girls will post what ever we feel is useful, fun, enjoyable, or well its just our staff’s page to call a blog. We look forward to everyone’s support.

XO, your founder Jessica Saunders


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