Toronto Writers

    Jessica Saunders, Founder & Writer

       Hello Dolls, my name is Jess, and I’m a fashion fanatic. I have a flare for style and have finally chosen to flaunt it with this website. I’ve loved fashion ever since I was kid and dabbled in modeling because of this die-hard interest. I have a blazing personality, and intend on leaving my mark wherever I go. I’m a workaholic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Trust me when I say that success comes to those who persevere. So here I am, guns blazing in scarlet stiletto heels for you guys! ENJOY!                                       


Soonie Na, Editor & Chief

Soonie Na was born in Toronto Canada 21 years ago. Growing up she lived under a strict household, which caused her to get lost in her imagination from within the walls of her mothers’ two-bedroom bungalow. Writing wasn’t an immediate realization. At the age of eight she wanted to be a massage therapist and at the age of thirteen she wanted to be an interior designer. It wasn’t until high school that Soonie discovered her love of poetry, short stories, and self-expression through writing. At that point in her life she knew that she wanted to always be involved in writing, whether it was being a novelist, columnist, editor, or simply blogging. Right now she is working on her novel while attending the University of Toronto.


Catarina C, Writer
Fashion, gossip, trends and more fashion. I love it, the great feeling when you order something new, it arrives at your front door and you squel with excitement. Yes, I am a fashion lover. Currently, working on my crafty how-to-do projects (which I will share) writing is a form I love. Now that I am able to write and talk about fashion or gossip, it’s going to be more then a lot of fun writing and publishing new articles for everyone to read! Success is a journey, be humble and hang around the right people, they’ll guide you on the right path way.


One response to “Toronto Writers

  1. Just want t say that I love the work you guys are doing on the site :). The presentation of the site is extremely clear, informative, concise, and interesting. Keep up the good work 🙂

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