Connect with us

Jessica Saunders – Founder
Twitter: @Gucci_Dollface; @lemartinixo
Also the creator of “”
Where as she moves to a bigger growth here at LeMartiniXo, some of her posts have been edited & reposted for easier access.
She will now be using ThatDollfaceXo as a form of personal use, open to the public.


Soonie Na- Editor & Chief
Twitter: @Suhklala

Jordan- Head writer for Events
I am excited to have Jordan, who is well-known as Mr.STiXX writing for LeMartiniXo – He is an amazing writer, with great talent & an act for catching the public’s eye. As a writer for our event page,
Twitter: @MR_STiXX
Jordan is also the creator of the blog titled “”

Royanne – Advice
Twitter: @YanngThoughts

Catt Costa – Fashion
Twitter: @IHeartNeverLand


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